11/26/19: Chris was elected a fellow of the IEEE! For more details see:

11/22/19: Chris gave a seminar today at the University of South Florida, in the Applied Physics program, on electrolyte gating of functional oxides.   

11/18/19: We welcome Ben Kaiser, a 1st year PhD student, to the Leighton group! He will work on spin transport in metals.

11/6/19: Vipul delivered a presentation today on strain-induced majority carrier inversion in lanthanum cobaltite (LCO) at MMM in Las Vegas, NV.

11/5/19: Chris delivered an invited talk today in a magnetoionics symposium at the MMM Conference, on electrolyte gating of magnetic perovskite oxides.

10/24/19: Bryan delivered two presentations this week at the 66th International Symposium of the AVS in Columbus, OH.

8/23/2019: Chris delivered seminars on electrolyte gating this week at the Universities of Leeds, Liverpool, and Cardiff in the UK.

7/15/19: Bryan Voigt was selected as a finalist for the 2019 James Harper Award, the premier graduate student award of the American Vacuum Society's Thin Film Division. The final award session will take place at the American Vacuum Society's 66th International Symposium, held in Columbus, OH in October 2019

6/28/19: Will Postiglione passed his oral examination and is now a qualified CEMS Ph.D. student!

6/19: The UMN CQM (Center for Quantum Materials) has been renewed for another three-year funding cycle. Chris, Turan Birol, Bharat Jalan, Martin Greven, and Rafael Fernandes are PIs in the center. This DOE investment will fund work on complex oxides, with a strong emphasis on neutron scattering. 

5/17/19: Jialiang Chen passed his oral examination and is now a qualified CEMS Ph.D. student!

5/3/19: Chris delivered a seminar today at Stanford University, in the Materials Science and Engineering Department. His talk was on Electrolyte Gating of Complex Oxides.

4/26/19: 4th year PhD student Bryan Voigt was awarded a University of Minnesota Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship for 2019-2020. Congratulations Bryan!

3/8/19: Group members Helin Wang, Joe Batley, Bryan Voigt and Vipul Chaturvedi delivered presentations this week at the APS March Meeting in Boston.  

1/17/19: Group members Joe Batley and Justin Watts delivered presentations this week at the MMM/Intermag Joint Conference, in Washington DC.