Welcome to the Leighton Research Group

Group photo July 2019

Electronic and magnetic materials are the central focus of the Leighton Group's research. We study a wide variety of materials, such as nanostructures, thin films, heterostructures, bulk polycrystals, and single crystals. We focus on topics with a strong fundamental science component that are in close proximity to applications in technology, including data storage and processing and electronic devices. Projects in our group feature fabrication of films and crystals, detailed structural and chemical characterization, and in-depth measurement by numerous techniques, including transport, neutron scattering, magnetometry, and heat capacity. Our work is highly collaborative, and we are involved in two UMN centers: the NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Center and the DOE Center for Quantum Materials.

NSF-Funded University of Minnesota MRSEC

Read more about Chris Leighton's participation with MRSEC — University of Minnesota's Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC). 

DOE-funded Center for Quantum Marterials (CQM)

Read more about Chris Leighton's participation in the DOE-funded UMN Center for Quantum Materials (CQM).