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12/6/2017: Congratulations to PhD students Bryan Voigt and Jeff Walter, runners-up in the 2017 DOW SISCA Sustainability Challenge! They presented the work they've done developing pyrite FeS2 as a earth-abundant, low-cost solar material. Check out more details here!

12/11/2017: Research on superconductors carried out by the Center for Quantum Materials (CQM), a collaborative research team Chris and several students in the group are a part of, was recently featured by the University of Minnesota's Office of the Vice President for Research. 

11/7/2017: Two graduate students in the Leighton group, Bryan Voigt and Jeff Walter, have been selected as finalists in the DOW SISCA Sustainability Innovation Award, a University-wide competition "recognizing the work of graduate students with innovative ideas and research that encourages and promotes sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental problems". They will participate in the final round of the competition in December. Check it out here!

8/15/17: The Leighton Group has an opening for a post-doctoral researcher. The position will deal with complex oxide bulk crystals and heterostructures, specifically titanates and cobaltites, with a strong emphasis on neutron scattering. Interested applicants should contact Chris Leighton at "".

4/21/2017: Chris presented at the Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring 2017 Meeting on recent work from the group resolving the "Doping Puzzle" in pyrite (FeS2). 

4/3/17: Chris has recently been appointed as inaugural Editor of the newest addition to the American Physical Society family of journals, Physical Review Materials. This will be a broad scope multidisciplinary journal that fills a gap in the APS portfolio, providing a high quality publication and reference source to the expanding community of physicists, materials scientists, chemists and engineers working in the area of materials research. The first call for papers for Phys. Rev. Materials will be released very shortly, with the first papers being published this summer. More information about the journal can be found here.

3/13/17: Eric, Koustav, Jeff, and Helin presented this week at the APS March meeting in New Orleans, LA. 

2/20/2017: Chris delivered an invited talk today at the FTAPS 2017 Conference in the United Arab Emirates. 

2/10/2017: Chris and Eray Aydil's Xcel Energy RDF Award on Pyrite had an external review, with Colin Wolden (Colorado School of Mines) and Dimitrios Maroudas (U. Massachussets Amherst) visiting. Chris, Eray, Jeff, and Bryan all presented. 

1/12/2017: Chris gave the Condensed Matter Physics Seminar at the Ohio State University this week, speaking about electrolyte gating of complex oxides. 

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